How we can help

EMN Trial Office can take care of the different activities regarding clinical trials, managing whole the aspects involved in a study (from the very first steps of the trial concept to the final report). Alternatively, it can take care of only a part of the tasks, as requested by the client.
EMN Trial Office also promotes training and education activities for professionals, such as young hematologists, research nurses, data managers. To achieve this goal, the company works in partnership with McCann agency, who are experts in the communication field.
In addition, the Data Center in Turin provides various services. In the initial phase, our team collaborates with doctors in the writing of clear and concise protocols.  We also manage the negotiation process with pharmaceutical companies, and we collaborate with them and pharmacists and statisticians to finalize the protocol.
EMN Trial Office can be a valid help in the initial steps, and a good start can certainly make the difference for the success of a trial. Indeed, we help clients in the selection and activation of participating sites, we coordinate the preparation of documentation and take care of the communication with ethics committees.

The team of the Data Center can assist you in planning and develop electronic- Case Report Forms (e-CRFs), which are essential for collecting data and study results.
The study drug management may be a burdensome aspect, and meeting all the requirements in terms of pharmacovigilance may take up much time and resources. EMN Trial Office can definitely help you with these important task as well.
In addition, we can help you in the dissemination phase of the study, through the organization of scientific meetings, or supporting you during the submission of abstracts and full-text articles for peer reviewed scientific journals.


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